Quantum Chiraltronics Group

Welcome to the Quantum Chiraltronics Group at USF. #QCG_usf @QCG_usf

Assistant Professor Jacob Gayles

Dr. Jacob Gayles is an assistant Professor at the University of South Florida and the leader of the team focusing on chirality in materials.

Group Members

We are currently looking for group members.


We collaborate with world class experimentalist and theorist here at USF and around the world.

What we do

Materials from Atoms

We use Density functional Theory to predict and understand the properties of complex materials.


We study the magnetic interactions that lead to exotic structures.


We study the transport of electrons (+spin) due to external pertuabtions for the effect on the electrons and on the material.

Complex Interfaces

We build interfaces between distinct materials to develop novel properties.


We use state of the art computational techniques to model real materials.


We connect our understaing with simple models and experiements for novel science.


Highlight of recent publications. Click Browse all to see full list.

When Dirac meets frustrated magnetism

Giant, unconventional anomalous Hall effect in the metallic frustrated magnet candidate, KV3Sb5.

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Harmonic Berry Curvature

Hard magnet topological semimetals in XPt3 compounds with the harmony of Berry curvature.

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Classical Mechanics

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