Joshua Wilde

Assistant Professor,

Department of Economics,

University of South Florida

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Weil, David N., and Joshua Wilde. 2009. "How Relevant Is Malthus for Economic Development Today?" American Economic Review (P&P), 99(2): 255-60.

Ashraf, Quamrul H., David N. Weil, and Joshua Wilde. 2013. "The Effect of Fertility Reduction on Economic Growth," Population and Development Review, 39(1): 97-130.

Media Coverage -- The Economist (print version, blog version)

Apouey, Benedicte, Gabriel Picone, Joshua Wilde, Joseph Coleman, and Robyn Kibler. 2017. "Malaria and Anemia among Children in sub-Saharan Africa: The Effect of Mosquito Bednet Distribution," Revue économique, 68: 163-197.

Working Paper Version

Karra, Mahesh, David Canning, and Joshua Wilde. 2017. "The Effect of Fertility Decline on Economic Growth in Africa: A Macrosimulation Model" Population and Development Review, 43(S1): 237–263.

Working Paper Version

Wilde, Joshua, Benedicte Apouey, and Toni Jung. 2017. "The Effect of Ambient Temperature Shocks During Conception and Early Pregnancy on Later Life Outcomes," European Economic Review, 97C: 87-107.

Winner: 2017 IPUMS International Research Award. Press Release

Working Paper Version

Media Coverage -- (The Wall Street Journal, Freakonomics, La Presse, GRAPE, Royal Economic Society Media Breifing)

Multiproduct Firms, Product Scope and Productivity: Evidence from India’s Product Reservation Policy

with Ishani Tewari (Forthcoming at Southern Economic Journal)

Book Chapters

Economic Effects of the Demographic Dividend

with David Canning, David Locke Newhouse, Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Yoonyoung Cho, Bienvenue Tien, David Robalino, Claudia Wolff, and Mahesh Karra, in Africa's Demographic Transition: Dividend or Disaster? eds. David Canning, Sangeeta Raja and Abdo S. Yazbeck. Africa Development Forum;. Washington, DC: World Bank; and Agence Française de Développement. © World Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.

The Economics of Malaria Prevention

with Benedicte Apouey and Gabriel Picone, in Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, reprinted in Oxford Handbook of Health Economics. June 2018, Oxford University Press.

Working Papers

How Substitutable are Fixed Factors in Production? Evidence from Pre-Industrial England

(Revise and Resubmit at Journal of Economic Growth)

The Effect of Antimalarial Campaigns on Child Mortality and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa

with Benedicte Apouey, Gabriel Picone, and Joseph Coleman (Submitted)

The Effect of Ambient Temperature during Pregnancy on Human Sex Ratios at Birth

with Leah Bevis and Zoe McLaren

Works in Progress

Terms of Trade and Fertility

Some Like it Hot: Temperature, Sexual Activity, and Google Searches

with Wei Chen and Zoe McLaren

Marriage Lock

with Padmaja Ayyagari

Sex Ratios at Birth and the Demographic Transition

Fertility Decline and Economic Growth in the Open Economy

with Mahesh Karra