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Our group is engaged in various problems related to theoretical modeling and description of structural, functional, and nanoscale materials and devices. We pursue two complementary routes. On the one hand, analytical techniques based on quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and many-body theory, are being developed. On the other hand, first principles density functional theory and tight binding models for high-performance supercomputers are being utilized.

Our group maintains strong collaborations with experimental teams as well as other theoretical/computational groups from the University of South Florida, other universities and national research laboratories. We are devoted to conducting leading edge research to advance our understanding of complex materials and devices using analytical and computational methods.


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Graduate and Undergraduate Research: Research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students interested in working in a vibrant research group are available. The interdisciplinary and collaborative projects we are involved in will unable students to acquire a variety of analytical and computational skills to conduct cutting edge science. Students in our group have received prestigious awards and internships. Interested students are encouraged to contact Prof. L.M. Woods.

Advanced Materials and Devices Theory Group of Prof. Lilia M. Woods
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