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Dr. Lilia M. Woods
Professor and Associate Chair,
Department of Physics, University of South Florida,
4202 E Fowler Ave, ISA 2019, Tampa, FL 33620

Office: (813) 974-2862
Grad Students Lab: (813) 974-8489
Fax: (813) 974-5813

Selected Awards and Recognition:
- Outstanding Faculty Award 2020
- AAAS Fellow, elected 2019
- Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award, 2017
- APS Fellow, elected 2017
- APS Woman Physicist of the Month, June 2017
- Jewell Excellence Award, 2016
- Member of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI), since 2015
- Faculty Outstanding Research Achievement Award, 2015
- Hosted Fulbright Scholar, 2013/2014
- NRC-NRL Director's funded Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2001-2003


Dr. Adrian Popescu
Postdoctoral Researcher

Adrian joined our group in the Fall of 2017. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the University of South Florida and he his research experience spans contemporary analytical and computational methods for properties in novel materials. Adrian has developed a Wannier function interface with popular density functional theory codes, which is especially useful to study electronic and optical response in low dimensional and topologically non-trivial systems. He is also interested in applying basic science into new device concepts at the nanoscale. Adrian has current intersts are in fluctuation-induced phenomena, thermoelectric materials, and spintronics.



Troy StedmanTroy Stedman
PhD Candidate

Troy obtained a B.S. Degree in Physics from Boston University. He joined USF and our research group in the Summer of 2012. His areas of interest are Casimir and van der Waals interactuions calculations and related properties. He is also involved in theoretical/computational investigations of thermoelectric transport properties. He is especially interested in understanding interface characteristics to control thermoelectric transport in polymer/nanostructured composites and two-component systems. Troy successfully defended his Master's Thesis in March, 2015 and he is continuing towards a PhD degeree.


Wencong (Michael) ShiTroy Stedman
PhD Student

Michael Shi obtained a B.S. Degree in Engineering Mechanics and a Master's Degree in Solid Mechanics from Central South University in China. He joined the USF Physics Department in the Fall of 2016. He is currently focusing on computational methods to study novel properties of 2D materials. Michael is also interested in studying heat conduction and acoustic flow by applying transformation optics techniques in order to design metamaterials with targeted applications.



Kailiang YuTroy Stedman
PhD Student

Kailiang obtained a B.S. Degree in Applied Physics from University of Science and Technology of China. He joined USF in the Fall of 2017 and became a member of our group the following year. His research interests are in fluctuation induced phenomena and response properties of materials. He is currently focusing on different approaches to calculate Casimir and van der Waals interactions and their application to real materials and devices.



Past Members and Alumni

  • Dr. Artem Khabibullin, former Postdoc (2018)
  • Dr. Pablo Rodriguez-Lopez, former Postdoc (2015-2017)
  • Dr. David Drosdoff, former Postdoc (2010-2015)
  • Wencong Shi, PhD (2020) - PhD Thesis: Thermoelectric Transport Control using Single-phase materials and metamaterial composites
  • Troy Stedman, PhD (2019) - PhD Thesis: Novel macroscopic and microscopic concepts in thermoelectricity
  • Artem R. Khabibullin, PhD (2018)- PhD Thesis: Towards Fundamental Understanding of Thermoelectric Properties in Novel Materials using First Principles Simulations
  • Nam B. Le, PhD (2016)- PhD Thesis: Structure-Interaction Effects in Novel Nanostructured Materials
  • Troy Stedman, Master's (2015)- Master's Thesis: Thermoelectric Transport in Doped Conjugated Polymers: Thermal Fluctuations Tunneling
  • Anh D. Phan, Master's (2012) - Master's Thesis: Graphene Casimir Interactions and Some Possible Applications
  • Adrian Popescu, PhD (2011) - PhD Thesis: Carbon Nanotube Interactions: Theory and Applications
  • Jakub Pritz, PhD (2011) - PhD Thesis: Dosimetric Evaluation of Prostate Brachytherapy using Single Isotope and Hybrid Seeds
  • Yaroslav Shtogun, PhD (2010) - PhD Thesis: Properties of Carbon Nanotubes under External Factors: Adsorption, Mechanical Deformations, Defects, and External Electric Fileds
  • Kevin Tatur, PhD (2009) - PhD Thesis: Theoretical Studies of Long-Ranged Interactions in Quasi-One Dimensional Cylindrical Structures
  • Jakub Pritz, Master's (2008) - Master's Thesis: Electromagnetic Modes in Cylindrical Structures


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