Murat Khairzhan-uli Munkin

Associate Professor of Economics


Ph.D., Indiana University, Bloomington, 2001

Department of Economics


Moscow State University, Moscow, 1993

Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Probability Theory


Kazakhstan School of Physics and Mathematics, Almaty, 1986




Mailing Address

4202 East Fowler Avenue, CMC342
Department of Economics

University of South Florida

Tampa, FL 33620-5700



CMC 208M

Phone: (813) 974 6517

Fax: (813) 974 6510



Working Papers


Count Roy Model with Finite Mixtures   Computational Appendix (Revised July 8, 2021)


Biases in Maximum Simulated Likelihood Estimation of Bivariate Models (Revised February 16, 2021; with Maksat Jumamyradov)


Bayesian Analysis of the Multinomial Probit Model (Revised November 17, 2020)


Semiparametric Analysis of the Effect of Income on the Consumption of Tobacco and Alcohol Products in Turkey (Revised November 23, 2020)


Islamic Finance and SDG 10: A Mirage? (2021), Accepted to Islamic Finance and Sustainable Development - A Sustainable Economic Framework for Muslim and non-Muslim Countries, Palgrave Macmillan (Springer Nature), (with Hylmun Izhar)


Bayesian semiparametric analysis on the relationship between BMI and income for rural and urban workers in China, (2021), Accepted to Journal of Applied Statistics (with Lijuan Feng)


Journal Articles and Book Chapters


“Bayesian Analysis of the Two-Part Model with Endogeneity: Application to Health Care Expenditure”, (2020), Empirical Health Economics Edited by Andrew M. Jones, Edward Elgar Publishing (Reprint with P. Deb and P.K. Trivedi)


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“Estimating Incentive and Selection Effects in Medigap Insurance Market: An Application with Dirichlet Process Mixture Model”, (2015), Journal of Applied Econometrics (with Stewart Hu and P.K. Trivedi)


“Bayesian Estimation of Panel Data Fractional Response Models with Endogeneity: An Application to Standardized Test Rates”, (2015), Empirical Economics, 49, 81-114 (with Lawrence Kessler


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Last updated July 31, 2021