SOLID STATE quantum optics LAB


Welcome to the solid-state quantum optics group in the Physics department at the University of South Florida. Our research focuses on quantum optical phenomena in micro and nanostructures that are potentially useful for new optoelectronic devices. Future generations of optical components are expected to rely on quantum, rather than on classical physics, which could lead to significant improvements in communication speed and security, to improved sensors, as well as to quantum computation. Our main focus is on cavity quantum electrodynamics, that is, the use of optical cavities to tailor the electromagnetic environment of single quantum emitters and enhance light matter interactions at resonant frequencies. Major challenges include the fabrication of micromirrors with high reflectivity and small mode volume, and the coupling of single quantum emitters such as single atoms or single semiconductor quantum dots to a tunable microcavity. We also study quantum optical interactions in gases.



SEM image of a micromirror template fabricated at the tip of a 125 micron diameter single mode fiber. The fiber is held in a 2.5 mm diameter ferrule

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