Elizabeth R. Schotter


I am an Assistant Professor in
the Department of Psychology at the University of South Florida
and the PI of the Eye Movements and Cognition Lab.

My research focuses on the coordination of visual perception and cognitive processing when people read, speak or make decisions. For example, I study the processing components underlying reading (e.g., visual perception, word identification, comprehension, eye movement control, etc.) and how they change...

under different situations (e.g., reading silently vs. aloud, proofreading, speed reading, etc.)

in response to language (e.g., words that are more vs. less common, expected, confusable, plausible, etc.)

and for different readers (e.g., children vs. adults, in different languages, for bilinguals, deaf people, etc.).

My work primarily employs eye-tracking paradigms, multivariate statistics, cognitive modeling, and cross-language and cross-population comparisons.