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Quantitative phase microscopy by digital holography

In digital holography, the holographic image is numerically calculated as an array of complex numbers, representing both the amplitude and phase of the optical field. This results in profiles of the optical thickness of the object with nanometric precision. When applied to cellular microscopy, minute variations in the intracellular conditions can be imaged and monitored in real time. Pictured above is a pseudocolor image of a group of red blood cells.

Welcome to DHML

group photoWe are Digital Holography and Microscopy Laboratory (DHML) at the Department of Physics, University of South Florida. The main theme of our research activities is in the development of novel imaging technologies with emphasis in holographic and interferographic microscopy. In digital holography (DH), the hologram is recorded by a CCD camera, instead of photographic plates, and the holographic images are calculated numerically using the electromagnetic diffraction theory. This gives direct access to the phase profile of the optical field and leads to a number of powerful imaging techniques that are difficult or impossible in real space holography. Transparent objects, such as many biological cells, thin film structures, and MEMS devices, can be imaged that reveal minute thickness variations with nanometer precision. Optical tomography by digital interference holography (DIH) yields cross-sectional images of biological tissues without actually cutting into them. Cellular motility can be studied by imaging the adhesion layers between a crawling cell and the substrate through the DH of total internal reflection, important in the study of embryogenesis, neuronal growth, and cancer cell metastasis. Furthermore, we are not only able to image cells and their components, but also manipulate them in full three dimensions, using patterns of light produced by holographic optical tweezers (HOT). Cells and organelles can be captured and tracked, coaxed into artificially patterned growth and motion, and operated on with micromanipulation and microsurgery. Students can expect to work on cutting-edge research topics and be trained extensively in advanced optical design and construction, digital image acquisition, computer programming, electronic instrumentation, and cellular and biomedical laboratory procedures. Digital holography is an emerging technology that has been experiencing exponential growth in the last decade, and has potential applications in wide-ranging areas including cellular microscopy, metrology, manufacturing processes and testing, medical imaging and diagnostics, biometry, environmental research, and food science, just to name a few.


11/06/2014 Dr. Kim has just been appointed a Division Editor for Applied Optics!

10/24/2014 Dr. Kim presents his and David's invited paper, "Holographic 3D Photography Under Ambient Light" at International Conference on ICT Convergence in Busan, Korea >pdf

4/28/2014 DHML welcomes back Dr. David Clark as a postdoc

4/11/2014 Xiao's paper "Review of digital holographic microscopy for three-dimensional profiling and tracking" is published in Optical Engineering >pdf

4/5/2014 Xiao's paper "Four-dimensional motility tracking of
biological cells by digital holographic microscopy" is published in Journal of Biomedical Optics >pdf

3/18/2014 Xiao successfully defends her Ph.D dissertation!

2/3/2014 Dr. Kim presents 2 DHML papers at SPIE Photonics West Conference 2014 in San Francisco, CA >more

12/2013 Dr Kim's paper, "Holographic camera uses full-cocol natural light" is introduced in optics & photonics news December 2013 issue>pdf

11/6/2013 Jisoo's paper, "Single-shot self-interference incoherent digital holography using off-axis configuration" is accepted for publication in optics letter >pdf

11/23/2013 Graduate students Seo and Kim from KwangWoon University in Seoul, Korea begin a week long visit to DHML to explore digital holography.

10/6/2013 Jisoo, Xiao, Changgeng & Dr. Kim present 3 DHML papers and 1 poster at OSA FIO 2013 in Orlando, FL > more

6/1/2013 Undergraduate student Andre' Spears joined DHML for summer REU program> more

4/22/2013 Jisoo, Xiao & Dr. Kim present 3 DHML papers at OSA DH 2013 in Hawaii> more

4/19/2013 Changgeng's paper, "Phase aberration correction by correlation in digital holographic adaptive optics" is accepted for publication in applied optics > pdf

4/11/2013 Dr Kim's paper, "Full color natural light holographic camera" is accepted for publication in optics express > pdf

1/4/2013 Dr Jisoo Hong joined DHML.

6/11/2012 Dr Kim's paper, "Incoherent digital holographic adaptive optics" is accepted for publication in applied optics > pdf

11/15/2012 Changgeng's paper, "Fourier transform digital holographic adaptive optics imaging system" is accepted for publication in applied optics > pdf

11/12/2012 David's paper, "Noncontact single-pulse optical method to measure interfacial properties in intact systems" is accepted for publication in optics letters > pdf

11/6/2012 Dr. Kim's paper, "Incoherent digital holographic adaptive optics" is published in applied optics > pdf

10/14/2012 Xiao, Changgang & Dr. Kim present 4 DHML papers at OSA FiO 2012 in Rochester, NY. > more

9/25/2012 Xiao's paper, "Quantitative imaging and measurement of cell–substrate surface deformation by digital holography" is published in journal of modern optics > pdf

9/5/2012 David successfully defends his Ph.D dissertation > pdf

5/22/2012 Dr. Kim's paper, "Adaptive optics by incoherent digital holography" is accepted for publication in optics letters > pdf

4/29/2012 David & Dr. Kim present 4 DHML papers at OSA DH 2012 in Miami, FL. > more

2/1/2012 Graduate students Lee and Jeong from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea begin a two week long visit to DHML to explore digital holography. > more

12/16/2011 Xiao's paper, "Measurement of the traction force of biological cells by digital holography," is published in biomedical optics express > pdf

12/10/2011 David's paper, "High-precision method for measuring the photothermal properties of transparent media with digital holography (Invited Paper)" is published in chinese optics letters > pdf

10/2011 Dr. Kim and David attend OSA FiO 2011 in San Jose, CA. > more

8/2011 DHML moves into the new Interdisciplinary Sciences building!! > more

8/2011 Dr. Kim's book, Digital Holographic Microscopy: Principles, Techniques, and Applications, is published!

7/15/2011 Changeng's paper, "Digital holographic adaptive optics for ocular imaging: proof of principle" is published in optics letters > pdf

4/13/2011 David's paper, "Determination of absorption coefficient by digital holographic measurement of optical excitation" is published in applied optics > pdf

10/25/2010 Dr. Kim is elected a Fellow of the Optical Society of America by the Board of Directors of OSA > more

5/2010 Bill successfully defends his Ph.D dissertation > pdf

5/2009 Mariana successfully defends her Ph.D dissertation > pdf

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