University Activities

University of South Florida

University Service/Committees:
Member, USF President's Committee on the Status of Women, 2011-2014.
Member, USF Graduate Council, 2010-2013.
Member, Tampa LMS Transition Committee, 2012-3013.
Member, USF Faculty Senate, 2005-2008.
Member, USF Museum Studies Advisory Committee, 2006-Present.
Member, Discipline-Related Committee for Distinguished University Professor, 2002.
Member, Outcomes Assessment Committee, May 2000-2002.
Member, University Academic Computing Committee, 1997-2000.
Co-Chair, Blue-Ribbon Committee on Library Budget Allocation Formula, 1992-1993.
Member, SACS Library Committee, 1992-1993.
University of South Florida College of Arts and Sciences:
Member, CAS Faculty Advisory Committee, 2013-2016.
Chair, CAS Graduate Committee, 2010-2011.
Member, SSS Graduate Subcommittee, 2010-2011.
Chair, CAS Promotion Committee, 2008-2009
Member, 2009-2010.
Chair, CAS Faculty United Way Campaign, 2004.
Co-Chair CAS Faculty United Way Campaign, 2003.
Member, CAS Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2002-2004.
Member, CAS First Year Liberal Arts Experience Committee, 2001-2002.
Member, CAS Council of Chairpersons and Directors, 1999-July 2007.
Area Representative, Faculty Staff Scholarship Campaign, 1996.
Member, CAS Advisory Council, May 1994-1996.
University of South Florida College of Education Committees:
Member, Search Committee for DLIS Director, 1992-1993.
Member, Search Committee for SLIS Director, 1990-1991.
Member, Student Affairs Advisory Committee, 1990-1991.
Member, Academic Computing Committee, 1991-1992.
Member, Undergraduate/Master's Policy Committee, 1991-1992.
University of South Florida SI/SLIS/DLIS Committees:
Faculty Advisor to Beta Phi Mu, 2013.
Member, SI Planning Committee, 2010-2013.
Co-Chair, SI Faculty Affairs Committee, 2011-2013.
Chair, SI Faculty Council, 2011-2013.
Member, SI Faculty Search Committee, 2012-2013.
Member, SLIS Admissions Committee, 2008-2010.
Chair, SLIS Promotion and Tenure Committee, 2008-2010.
Chair, SLIS Personnel Committee, 1997-1999.
Member, SLIS Personnel Committee, 1994-1995, 2008-2009.
Member, Search Committee for Assistant/Associate Professor, 1998-1999.
Member, Search Committee for Assistant/Associate Professor, 1997-1998.
Chair, Search Committee for Instructor, 1995-1996.
Chair, Search Committee for two Assistant Professors, 1992-1993.
Chair, SLIS Student Affairs Committee, Jan. 1989-May 1990;
Member, Sept. 1988-Dec. 1988.
Member, SLIS Annual Review Committee, 1989, 1990, and 1992.
Chair, SLIS Curriculum Committee, 1993-1996.
Member, SLIS Curriculum Committee, 1990-1991.
Member, SLIS Collection Development Committee, 1993-1996.
Member, SLIS Technology Committee, 1990-1998.
Member, Alice G. Smith Lectureship Committee, 1990-1992.
Faculty Advisor to the Association of Library and Information Science Students Association, 1988-1996.

Auburn University at Montgomery

University Offices:
Secretary, AUM Faculty Council, 1987-1988.
Member, AUM Faculty Senate, Sept. 1985-July 1988.
Member, Rules Committee of AUM Faculty Senate, 1986-1988.
Member, Nominating Committee, AUM Faculty Council Executive Committee, 1985.
Member, AUM Academic Standards Committee, Sept. 1985-Aug. 1986.
Member, AUM Chancellor's Long Range Planning Committee, 1987.
Member, AUM Faculty Computing Committee, Sept. 1984-Aug. 1985.
Member, AUM Faculty Grievance Committee, Oct. 1979-Sept. 1982 and Aug. 1984-Sept. 1985.
Member, AUM Faculty Welfare Committee, Sept. 1984-July 1988.
Member, SACS Committee on Institutional Research, 1985-1986.
Library Committees:
Chair, AUM Reference Coordinator Search Committee, 1985.
Chair, AUM Automated Services Librarian Search Committee, 1985.
Chair, AUM Technical Services and Cataloging Librarians Search Committee, 1985.
Chair, AUM Coordinator of Bibliographic Control Search Committee, 1986. Member, 1988.
Member, AUM Library Mission and Goals Committee, 1985.
Member, Library Subcommittee to Draft Evaluation Form for AUM Library Dean, 1985-1986.
Member, AUM Faculty and Staff Development Committee, 1986-1987.