Overview. Crosshairs is a program written in R. You may dowload it from CRAN and install it as a package. This web page illustrates the use of the package. Installing and running the package is what you want if you are not familiar with programming in R. You may also retrieve the R code from Github and edit it to serve your own purpose. The following shows you the R code input and output. The contents of the R commands below are also contained in a file you can download, but you will need to rename the file to eliminate the .txt entension at the end. My server will only allow certain extensions on files that are posted for download.

Download and install metaplotr. Open R or R studio, and call the library (see below). You may want to run the help files to see a description of the contents.

The lines above produce the graph below.

Adjust the uncertainty represented by whisker length.

Turn the whiskers off.

Create your own labels.

Add descriptives to your graph.

Hide the boxplots

Add a moderator and label it. The position of the label is indicated by two numbers (see the code). I adjust the position by trial and error, although more sophisticated users know how to find positions on the graph using R code.

To plot empirical Bayes estimates against the original effect sizes, you will need to run a program to generate the empirical Bayes values. I used the program metafor to do this.

That's pretty much everything the program does at the moment.