Meta Analysis

CMA Workshop

A one-day workshop on software Comprehensive Meta-Analysis. The statistical theory behind CMA is briefly described. Illustrates the use of the software with data on the effects of exercise on depression.


Find data in Excel files. Some files were fabricated by me. Most are copied from published meta-analyses. Although I have taken care to copy them accurately, there may still be errors in the data. Most have data on the first sheet, and the reference (citation) and coding of variables on the second sheet.


My graduate class in meta-analysis has PowerPoint lectures for each module. These are copied here. You are free to copy, modify, and use them for educational purposes, but not for publication.

Excel Sheet Examples

Excel is useful to understand calculations. Several of the Hedges procedures are illustrated in Excel (a couple of these are copied from Borenstein's website). Most of the Hunter and Schmidt meta-analysis procedures are illustrated in Excel.

Metafor Videos

Metafor is a meta-analysis program written in R. The videos are a series of tutorials for the novice that show how to download and install R and metafor, and how to use it to complete the steps in a typical meta-analysis, including reading the data, ensuring that all the studies are in the same metric, computing the overall effect size, analyzing moderators, finding confidence and prediction intervals, producing funnel and forest plots, and sensitivity analysis (examining bias, outliers, and model fit).


Here you can find computational programs for data analysis, except for graphs, which can be found under graphs. There are both special purpose applications (e.g., blended or Morris weights) and Monte Carlos programs.


The syllabus from the most recent course offering.