Course Materials and Research Website

Michael T. Brannick


Use the links on the left to find PowerPoint slides for lectures, some text files, a few voiceover slideshows (something like Youtube), lab materials, old exams, and software to help you master the material covered in some of my courses. If you are a USF student looking for your grades, go to Canvas, which will have the current grades, syllabus, and assignments. This site was designed so that people can access materials without paying to cross a firewall.


Most of my published papers have copyrights owned by journals, so I do not have permission to post them here. You can download them from your university library, or ask me to email you a copy. The conference papers and unpublished stuff is mostly what is posted on this site.

Software & Data

I have written a few programs in Excel and in SAS IML that you might find useful for understanding or doing meta-analysis, testing correlation coefficients, or calculating kappa. In the future, I intend to upload data used in published studies whenever I can without running afoul of the local IRB or a sponsor who paid for the data and does not wish to share.


You can find some of my work history, including a vita and some pictures of people at professional conferences and in classes.