Regression & Univariate Statistics

Under revision December 2020

I am currently revising my website for regression & univariate statistics. If you want the old version of the landing page, click here. I've updated the look and current files for Part 1: Basics (I still have to add text files for most of the modules). For Parts 2 and 3, I've got modules with PowerPoint and R code, but still have to update the narrative files.


The website is an introduction to univariate statistics for students of psychology and related disciplines. It is based on my first-year graduate course in univariate statistics. For many years, I used SAS for teaching statistics. I've recently switched to R software, which is free. In this site you will find versions of my lectures and programming code for computation.

Part 1: Basics

This section deals with topics that are universal to statistics. The Basics section has three lab modules that teach some basics in using the R software. You will also find modules on the following topics:

  • statistical jargon
  • data distributions and graphs (histograms and boxplots)
  • central tendency & variability
  • normal distribution
  • sampling distributions
  • conventional hypothesis testing
  • chi-square & F distributions
  • Part 2: ANOVA

    In this section, you can find modules on the following topics:

  • the t-test
  • one-way ANOVA
  • post-hoc tests
  • factorial ANOVA
  • random-effects and repeated measures ANOVA
  • Part 3: Correlation & Regression

    In this section, you will find modules on the following topics:

  • correlation
  • simple regression (single independent variable)
  • multiple regression (2 or more independent variables)
  • regression diagnostics (model fit, estimation problems)
  • partial and semi-partial correlation
  • prediction
  • indices of variable 'importance'
  • nonlinear relations (curves and interactions)
  • analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)